Windows 8.1 Annoyances

With all the complaints everyone had about the missing Start screen in Windows 8 Microsoft (MS) finally listened somewhat!  Well they did bring back the Start button but made a lot of items that were easy for end users harder to find or removed them entirely.  Come on MS you say this was done because of user feedback but I don’t believe it.

So what am I talking about?

Metered Connection

They moved the Metered Internet connection from the networks navigation.  Now to set a metered connection you must go to Settings>Change PC settings>Network>Connections>then Set a metered connection.

Easier right..not

Forget this Network (Wireless)

Removed the forget this network.  Now must use PowerShell to forget a wireless network.  What the hell was MS thinking on this one.  Well if you navigate to some forums Microsoft claims it was user feedback.  Yes, I see how this makes sense cause all end users know how to use PowerShell and can remember the command. If your curious on how to do this now here are the steps:

  1. Open command prompt or PowerShell in admin mode
  2. Netsh wlan show profiles
    1. Locate the wireless profile you wish to forget
  3. Netsh wlan delete profile name=”(Profile Name from step 2)”

Easy Transfer

Since MS is on the cloud kick with Windows 8 and 8.1 they are trying to force everyone to use SkyDrive.  This isn’t entirely a bad idea for backing up files but when it comes to moving from an older version of Windows it becomes a problem.  Sure you can copy or move your files to your new profile but what if you want all your settings to go with you.  Well again 3rd party companies have to step in and do what MS should of done (You can use Laplink).  This is all good for non-domained accounts but if your trying to move a domain users well good luck.

Bing Images for Lock Screen

If you used the Bing Images for the lock screen this feature is now removed in 8.1.  Why you ask, again who knows what MS was thinking here again..

DirectAccess LocalDNS

This was the same in Windows 8 but I figured I would bring it up again for anyone using DirectAccess (DA).  In Windows 7 you had the option (If you had the DCA client installed) to right click and use local dns if there were any issues with DA.  In Windows 8 & 8.1 you will have to wait until Windows figures out it cannot connect to the DA server until you can use local dns to try and VPN in or start addressing the issue.  Again this is not making anything easier for the end user or the admins.  The work around I found which is not something I would tell users unless it was critically needed is to perform the following.

  1. Open up task manager
  2. Click on the Services tab
  3. Find the Name “NcaSvc” or look for the description for “Network Connectivity Assistant” and stop the service

This will force DA to stop trying to connect until you start the service again.


Just like in Windows 8 if you have an issue where you need to boot into safe mode, forget about it.  Now you will need to rely on Windows to determine if your computer is having issues and it will then prompt you to go into an advanced startup mode.  Otherwise you would need to kick this off within Windows but again if you have startup issues how would you know to kick it off before?


If you have any other annoyances shoot me a message and I will add it.

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