Why so many complaints about Windows 8

I have been using Windows 8 for roughly 9 months and would admit at first was a little frustrated especially trying to figure out where the hell the shutdown button was.  Sure the Start orb is missing but is it really.  Think about it..When you’re in an older version of Windows do you not click the lower left corner to open up the Start menu?  So what’s the difference in Windows 8 you do the same thing but instead its larger icons and to make things easier you can just start typing and easily search.  So why are so many people complaining about this change?  I hear people complaining about how Windows 8 sucks but when you ask many of those people what they dislike or if they have used it the response is typically “NO” I haven’t used it but have heard about it.  Come on people if you don’t give it a try then stop being followers.

So what are some of the good things about it?  Well for starters the boot up and shut down time are quicker than any other previous Windows OS.  Programs that worked in Windows 7 work in 8. Finally they got rid of virtual server that only could handle x32 and now have integrated Hyper-V which does mostly everything Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V can and I no longer have to purchase VMWare workstation for this.  Of course there are a few things I don’t like such as the missing safe mode which Microsoft now relies on the OS to boot into safe mode when it detects a problem or you have to tell the OS prior to restart that you want to go into advanced startup.  One minor issue which is easily remedied is the missing gadgets.  And no Microsoft the tiles you say should be used instead are crap and don’t equate to the gadgets.  Another issue I have is that administrators cannot load the management tools for Exchange 2010 nor administer Hyper-V 2008 servers.  What the hell are you thinking Microsoft?  I now have to rely on 3rd party tools to administer my 2008 Hyper-V environment or be forced to purchase SCCM.

Not for anything but people should be complaining about not being able to hit F8 to get into safe mode or not being able to load management tools needed for the common network admin not so much the Start menu or not being able to boot into the desktop.

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