Windows Server 2012 Update Error 800F0922

After setting up a new Server 2012 on Hyper-V “Gen2” and running updates I found that it was always failing and rolling back.  After installing the updates one by one I found the issue was KB2871690

After trying to install you receive error 800F0922

The problem is that Secure Boot is enabled on the virtual machine.  Because Microsoft did not properly test this Shut down your VM

  1. Go to File > Settings
  2. Click on Firmware > Uncheck Enable Secure Boot


4. Now start your VM and run the update againKB_Success5. Now shutdown and follow the process from step 2-4 but enable Secure Boot again

6. In my environment I saw the update again after I enabled Secure Boot and logged into Windows.  I was then able to run it again with no issues.

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