Live Migrate Server 2012 R2 HyperV to New Storage

After creating a new Storage Volume I want to move this from Volume1 to the new Volume10 without disrupting user access and avoid any downtime on our HyperV environment.  To accomplish this follow these steps.

On the Server navigate to the original storage volume
Copy the folder name from the original volume to the new volume







Now go to the new volume and create a new folder with the name you copied from above



Go back to the Failover Cluster Manger > Roles and right click on the Hyper-V

Select Move > Virtual Machine Storage






You will see the following box below

Click on your NEW cluster storage to expand then select the folder you created from above and  click the + next to the Virtual Machine you want to move



There are 2 ways to move/copy the files.  You can drag each one individually or select them all and click on the Make sure to select all the files and select copy and then paste or you can move each individually to the Name section

















Should now look like this:



Now click on Start




In the Failover cluster you will now see this but without any indicator on the percentage:



Instead if you open up Hyper-V Manager you will see the percentage:



Once this is completed right click on the server in Hyper-V Manager and select settings.

View the Hard Drive, Checkpoint File Location and Smart Paging (Which ever you selected to move) to verify they have been moved to the proper location.  In my case I Moved from Volume1 to Volume10 as you can see from the before and after.

Before:  Notice it is on Volume1



After:  Notice it is now on Volume10