GoToMeeting Error Unable to Join the Meeting Your Computer’s OS and/or Web Browser are not supported

Have you tried to join a GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar only to get an error saying Your Computer’s OS and/or Web Browser are not supported and you know both are?  Most likely you have a Dell computer with a 2 video cards on is Nvidia and the other is Intel.  Well your problem is the Nvidia card.  You can either upgrade your card but if you want to have a full proof method try this:

Error: When user tries to connect to a goto meeting and they receive “Unable to Join the Meeting

Your Computer’s OS and/or Web browser are not supported”


This is Nvida graphics card issue.

The work around is to create an exception in the Nvida software/control panel , allowing GoToMeeting software to use the integrated video card on the motherboard.

1) Right click on desktop and select NVIDA control Panel

2) In the control Panel Select Manage 3D settings
3) Select Program settings and click on Add

4) Go to where GoToMeeting stores g2mdlhlpx.exe (this is usually in the user’s profile folder Ex, c:\user\sbruno). Select this file “g2mdlhlpx”

5) Once you select the program select the preferred processor for the program. Click on the drop down menu and select Integrated graphics.

6) Select apply and close out the control panel

7) Then have the user try to join a GoToMeeting session.

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