Activation error on Windows 8 Code 0x8007232b DNS name does not exist

If you’re having issues trying to activate your Windows 8 client and keep getting a DNS name does not exist, I have your solution.  The likely problem is that you are using an MSDN, Technet or EA copy of Windows 8 and its trying to find the KMS server but you’re using a MAK key.  Follow these steps and you will be golden:

  1. Right click in the lower left hand corner in Windows 8
  2. Select Run the command prompt as an administrator
  3. Enter slmgr -ipk xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx
    1. This will enter your key
  4. Enter slmgr -ato
    1. This will now activate your key
  5. After about 10 seconds you will get a pop up saying Installed product key
Note that the xxxx is your MAK key.

4 Replies to “Activation error on Windows 8 Code 0x8007232b DNS name does not exist”

  1. Hi, I followed your steps and I still get this error message after i type slmgr -ato

    Error 0x8007232B DNS Name Does Not Exists

    Please help, its urgent ><

    1. Before you did the -ato did you perform the slgmrg -ipk with the key? After you did the -ipk you should of gotten a pop up saying he key was entered?

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